Andrea Strand is one of the few artists that has been with us since the beginning. We met her during the first year of Market Collective, and it has been an incredible joy to watch her on her artistic journey. She is multi-talented and a creative jack of all trades. Aside from being a creative genius, she is also an incredibly down to earth woman who truly loves adventure. Andrea is at a transition point in her career, and we took some time to ask…


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  Jocelyn: Did you choose music or did music choose you? I don’t think I could answer that with 100% certainty, as any producer or artist would likely agree… So many things lead to me getting into producing, and many variations of art were planting the seeds that eventually lead to me making music. When I was growing up I was always listening to what was considered weird music by those around me. The radio was never appealing, so I would listen to my sisters r&b…



Deitra and Aaron will be creating the February photobooth! Wonder what lovely ideas they have in store….? ♥ Here they are in last Febraury’s photobooth that was created by none other than Mr. Jack Bride!

New MC music coordinator

We have some really sweet new changes happening with MC this year! The first one that we would like to announce is that we have a new MC Music Coordinator…JOCELYN ALICE! She is a lovely person and musician, and will be a great addition to the MC! We are super excited to have her on board, and know that she will do a fantastic job curating the stage! All interested musicians please email her at:


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