Angel is the funniest person that she knows.  She enjoys 5 cent candies, things with two wheels and house plants.  Angel has a huge passion for connecting people and providing positive community space within Calgary, which was the main thing that inspired her in the creation process of Market Collective.  Another major inspiration was her love for accessible live local music.  For 6 years she has hosted house shows in her home, and Market Collective became a natual extension from her living room to the greater community!


Angel Guerra – Co-Founder




Angela is a highway-driving, hug-giving gypsy, always in search of a new adventure and challenge.  Her passion for the arts, as well as her natural drive for community development, has led her to the Market Collective.  Her artist‘s heart buds at the idea of creation, and she incorporates that love of creativity with everything that she does.  Angela follows her own path of artistic entrepreneurship, and strives to help others accomplish their dreams along the way.  If you ever meet this small-town girl, mention that you’re hungry…she makes a pretty mean brunch and is always willing to follow it with a game of crib.


Angela Dione – Co-Founder



Josh Sison has been the MC Volunteer Coordinator since May 2010.She started out as a frequent volunteer /MC groupie and now enjoys being the VC.Also the unofficial group momma, Josh makes sure the volunteers, artists, and Angel and Angela are comfortable and well hydrated.  Outside the MC, Josh is an RN, working with mums and babies.  She has been designated “on-site nurse” as she is the only one who knows where the first-aid kit is at any given time. Josh’s hobbies include baking, reading, and walking her dog Sascha.


Josh Sison – Volunteer Coordinator






Jenn is a graphic designer and artist living and working in Toronto, Ontario.  She often day dreams about owning her own dog and eating mexi veggie fries.


Jenn Kitagawa – Designer






This Scandinavian crazy, hippie-ish, bright, loving girl loves finding the best parts of people and lets the world see them in all their glory!  She has passion for community, a good heart to heart chat, international development, beautiful spaces, summertime, beach volleyball, and back country anything.  She believes art is a great way to enhance community and let people experience the brighter side of life!

Jenny Kornfeld – Photographer









Ben is the glasses-wearing, tech-talking audio badass of the team. He enjoys alternating between wrapping cables really quickly and making musicians feel welcome, warm, and fuzzy. When he’s not at MC, this black-haired devil keeps himself nicely overbooked with his sound/lighting company (Mossy Rock Productions), his recording studio (77Sound), his band (Locomotive Ghost), and his day job (Theatre Services at MRU). Though he rarely creates visual art, Benexpresses himself with bass guitar, ukulele, and spoken word.


Ben Nixon – Technical Director


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