Market Collective| Musician Schedule | March 2017


Familiarize yourself with our talented musicians gracing the stage at MC March. We will be featuring 4 songwriter duos and 8 DJ sets at the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre presenting an array of genres curated by Welcome to the West.

Friday, March 24 >>> DJ Table Salt <<< 4pm-6:30pm
Friday, March 24 >>> Wild Mike & the Party Co. <<< 6:30pm-9pm
Double Mike

Wild Mike and The Party Co. is an entity that is always looking to get the party started. The music can range anywhere from Rock and Roll, Swing, Soul, R & B, or Trippy Country. You can often see guest appearances from other renowned party starting deejays such as Two Pair Pat or the illustrious Steamy Wonder.

Saturday, March 25 >>> Knotted Roots (CJSW) <<< 10am-Noon

Knotted Roots is the first instalment of Shaolin Sundays on CJSW 90.9 FM. Every Sunday from 3-6pm Stefan and DJ Cosm utilize the techniques of Shaolin Masters to bring the dopest future beats, boom bap and Latin Jazz to Calgary’s airwaves. In addition, Knotted Roots has become a cornerstone radio show for Calgary’s Neo Soul and beat community for over 8 years. Come check out Stefan’s soulful vibes and say hi! Peace and love.

Saturday, March 25 >>> Jess Smith & Sashaè <<< Noon

Jess Smith is a self-proclaimed Urban Flower Child, I am inspired by the contrasts of light & dark, natural & urban, hippies & gangsters. The music I create is a blend of soul & folk. While taking notes from artists like Sarah McLachlan and Erykah Badu, my sound remains uniquely its own.

I was raised in the woods of Calahoo, Alberta and years later the ocean called me to Vancouver, British Columbia. Currently living in Calgary, I have found the best of both the urban & natural worlds. My life & music are parallels of one another. Inspired by my own personal experience & my imagination, my art reflects the essence of Who I Am.

Sashaè’s soothing melodic tone has a calming effect & her intentions are just that.. to soothe & feed soul music to the people. Sashae’ has been singing for 6 years locally and will continue to spread the good vibez. Her focus is mainly neo soul but she does take on unique projects for versatility. Her quote: “Its just me following the melodies of life.

Saturday, March 25 >>> Prairie Surfin’ (CJSW) <<< 1pm-3pm
Jay Heule Market Collective
Keeping dudes pitted with radical surf and garage rock n roll in the landlocked prairies on CJSW 90.9fm. Hosted by Jay Heule every Sunday night from 7-8pm, expect some awesome rock n roll and mellow summertime tunes.

Saturday, March 25 >>> Illcognito <<< 3pm-5pm
Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.35.19 PM
Bruno Aka DJ Illcognito is consistently putting out some of the most refreshing sounds around while transitioning over multiple styles/bpms in any given set. Having played with some of the most talented Dj’s in the city, he’s also opened for a wide range of international dj’s, from N-type, Matt the alien, Bass Nectar, Bonobo, Scratch bastard, Mr Scruff, & Stanton Warriors.

Saturday, March 25 >>> Jason Famous & Le Fame <<< 5pm
Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.43.44 PM
10 years in the making the illustrious Jason Famous’ breakthrough album JF plays like an autobiography of the life and times of the tortured superstar. Touching on the best and worst of his loving relationship with humanitarian supermodel Le Famé; his battles with depression and financial woes; a deep look at JF’s philosophy on life and death etc. Through the catchy hooks and infectious rhythms lies a very honest look in to the state of Jason over the last ten years.

Sunday, March 26 >>> Future Phil (Kinfolk DJs)<<< 10am-Noon
Sunday, March 26 >>> Hector Gomez (Kinfolk DJs)<<< 1pm-3pm
Sunday, March 26 >>> Liam Clarke (Kinfolk DJs)<<< 3pm-5pm

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.51.48 PM
Kinfolk was born from the vision of a unified community of artistic expressionists. A community that believes in the shedding of the pretence & fragmentation that is so often associated with art, music, partying, and life. As a community, we promote the weaving of subcultures while rejecting their segregation. We believe everyone is an artist & deserves a canvas on which to express themselves—whether the medium is fashion, costume, music, sexuality, poetry, visual art, or simply smiling, all are welcome & encouraged at Kinfolk; with but one caveat: positive expression. We believe that people belong with one another. We believe they should strive to enjoy life & all it has to offer together, under a unified umbrella. This is Kinfolk. Get under the umbrella!

Sunday, March 26 >>> The Northern Beauties <<< Noon
Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.59.03 PM

Wielding an unmistakable brand of Western Folk, Calgary Alberta’s Northern Beauties have now carved their name into the western Canadian musical landscape. With vocal harmonies as big as their ambitions, they capped off a remarkable year since releasing their debut EP in the spring of 2015.

The EP charted on both national college stations and Alberta’s CKUA, which helped push the band into the top 12 of the 2015 Alberta Peak Performance Project. This attention soon earned them a spot in the Calgary Folk Music Festival’s 2016 Block Heater Winterfest; a showcase in Music Calgary’s “SoundOff III”; a live performance broadcast on CBC’s Key of A, a feature performance for JUNO Fest and inclusion in the 2016 Calgary Folk Music Festival. The band was also honoured with a 2016 Western Canadian Music Award nomination for Roots Group/Duo of the Year and a pair of Calgary Music award nominations for Singer/Songwriter of the year and Roots/Folk recording of the year.

Sunday, March 26 >>> The Fig & The Flame<<< 5pm
Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 1.01.28 PM

Natalie Inga Gauthier and Sonia Deleo formed a duo for a tour in January 2016, coinciding with the opening of Calgary’s Music Mile. They kicked off their tour by participating in the Music Mile 12 Hour Music Marathon at Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar before hitting the road. After the success of this experiment, they’ve taken the plunge and become “The Fig & The Flame“, continuing to gig in Calgary and area.

They met through theatre in 2013, while playing Trojan Women in a feminist theatre cabaret in Calgary, and the Universe led them to this musical collaboration when the timing was right.


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