Cabin Fever

The Calgary Permaculture Community Group is hosting an event in Sunalta today called CABIN FEVER!

For all of you who are tired of being cooped up inside all winter…this event will be really motivational and promises to start getting you excited about growing food this summer.

There are free gardening workshops from 1pm – 6pm, and a party in the evening featuring live music from MC favorites Freak Motif and Rotary Park.

Look forward to a photoblog next week about the event!

For more information on the workshops, times and event, please click on the the below poster.


Thanks to everyone who submitted a story and photo for a chance to win the “Around the World in 35 Blocks Food Tour” on International Avenue.

We have now selected the winners: Davey Gravy and Nicky!

Here is their story:
Girlfriends? Who needs em when you’ve got a Bromance going on! Nicky and I make sure we see each other every day. Despite working at competing clothing stores, Nicky and my story is like a modern day Romeo and Juliet. Whether we’re grabbing a coffee, shopping, out on the town, or barbecuing, we make sure that we are together. We met last summer and have been inseparable since. This Valentine’s Day I want to surprise him by taking him on the Around the World in 35 Block Food Tour to let him know how much I appreciate him.


This Weekend!

Come join us on International Avenue for our annual love themed MC!

Location: 1720 Radisson Drive SE (Corner of 17th ave and 33rd Street SE)
Hours: Saturday 10-6/Sunday 11-5
Date: February 9th and 10th

See you all this weekend!
February 2013 Poster



The Roasterie!

The Roasterie Coffee shop in Kensington was our first supporter when the MC started up back in 2008, and has provided free coffee for every event! We have now moved out of Kensington, but they are continuing to supply us with coffee!

We just wanted to take the chance to send them a huge thank-you for all of their love and support over the years, and let you know that there will be free Roasterie coffee at MC this weekend!

If you’re ever in Kensington, stop by and say hi to the owner Lech – we promise he’s not as intimidating as he looks!

roast 1 roast 2

Lech isn’t able to make it to every MC, but he is always there is spirit pointing you in the right direction!

roast last

The Indonesian Kitchen

The Indonesian Kitchen is an authentic ethnic restaurant on 17th ave SE, and they will be set up at MC this weekend selling delicious breakfast and lunch food! They are going to bring vegetarian and gluten free options as well!
We always have a lot of requests for more food during the weekend, and so we thought that it would be great to partner with a local restaurant to provide some tasty treats! We went to try out The Indonesian Kitchen a couple of weeks ago, and can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Photobooth Sneak Peek!

Deitra and Aaron have been working tirelessly to create the “sweetest” photobooth yet!
They have succeeded indeed!
Here is a little sample of what you can expect this weekend…

(Today the Canadian penny was discontinued, but it still serves as a good size scale for the Sweet Tarts!)

sweettart1 sweettart2

Sweetheart Give-Away!


Each month the International Avenue BRZ has an event called the “Around the World in 35 Blocks Food Tour”. The tour gets on the BassBus and goes to a variety of different ethnic restaurants and grocers, tasting delicious food at each location!
This month, in celebration of our upcoming MC on February 9th and 10th, we are giving away a trip for 2 sweethearts on this amazing food tour!

To qualify, please send us a short write up and photo of why you and your sweetheart should win! Deadline: February 11th.
Email submissions to:


Andrea Strand is one of the few artists that has been with us since the beginning. We met her during the first year of Market Collective, and it has been an incredible joy to watch her on her artistic journey. She is multi-talented and a creative jack of all trades. Aside from being a creative genius, she is also an incredibly down to earth woman who truly loves adventure.

Andrea is at a transition point in her career, and we took some time to ask her some questions about the next chapter…


MC: We might as well start with the famous Hoakon + Helga upcycled leather bags. Why did you start sewing bags, and what were some of your first inspirations in this project?

Hoakon + Helga started after I graduated from ACAD in 2006. I was in Fibre and played a lot with making bags while I was in school. Some of the classes I took were screenprinting, weaving, and natural plant dyeing of fabrics. I didn’t know what to do with the fabrics I was creating in these classes so I decided to make some bags. I combined these handmade/hand-dyed materials with vintage fabrics, lace, vintage buttons and would excessively stitch all over them to make a cohesive material. They were bright and very bold – completely different from what I am doing now! From the minute I started, it just seemed very natural to me. Making bags was just something that I had a connection to. So, I started selling these bags at the ACAD Show and Sale. It was there that people starting buying my work – that’s when I knew I had something going. So, I kept with it throughout my BFA, one bag after another.

After graduation I continued on with the bags, but wanted to play with some new ideas. I remember I was at a thrift store looking for more vintage fabrics for my crazy bright designs when I came across the leather jacket section. I had an “aha!” moment and grabbed two. I went home and spent a lot of time in the studio playing around with this new material. Then I bought more jackets and made a collection of bags. It was completely different than anything I had done before. Very toned down, more neutral and much more marketable to a larger audience.  I put together an Etsy shop and added some listings. Almost immediately people started buying. That was it for me. I just attacked it full force after that.


MC: You have just announced that you will no longer be making leather bags, which must mean that you must be up to something new and exciting. Can you fill us in on your latest endeavor?

For as long as I can remember in my career as a bag designer I have had another dream on my brain. It’s something that I’ve thought about countless times over these six years. As soon as I’d start wanting to pursue this goal, something always seemed to come up. Either I’d get swamped with orders, or an awesome opportunity would come up or I would have excuses to use involving my personal life. I was always making the excuse that I was just too busy to start this. In the last year and a half it’s really been on my mind. One day in early October, it just hit me like a ton of bricks. I had to do it. Now. That’s when I decided to make the change, and so the action plan began.

Now here’s where the fun stuff starts. For all of January I gave myself permission to take the month off from my studio and making an income. Instead I focused on my new project and dream – to teach and help other artists learn to build their businesses and become as successful as they can possibly be! You see, I just have a knack for the business stuff. It comes really natural to me. And to be honest, I have a bit more passion for it that I do the actual creative side (don’t get me wrong, I looove to be creative!!). When I was a kid and had to answer the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I always said, “a teacher!”  Well I guess I’m just realizing that as a child I was right ;) So, In the next few months I am rolling out a brand new blog format on, online training courses, and in person programs in Calgary as well, so stay tuned. I’m working hard to get this all done and ready to go. My brand new blog is up NOW so please go and check it out! It’s full of a lot more than just the business stuff.


MC: As someone with a strong following and online persona, what do you hope to transfer to those around you?

I was featured last year in an Etsy quit your day job interview. I remember being so nervous about it being published! I was very candid about my journey. It was something I had never done before online and I felt very exposed. Well, my feature received over 400 comments! A lot  of people really resonated with my story and felt encouragement to continue on with their own journeys. I was blown away, really. Since then I’ve realized that it’s important for me to be transparent, sincere, passionate, and authentic with my work. These are key traits I am focusing on with my new teaching endeavors.


MC: What are some of your favorite mediums to work with these days?

I’m really fantastic at keeping myself way too busy! So, I thought it would be fun to design a new jewelry line part-time and sell it locally at craft shows (like Market Collective). Just because I already don’t have enough on my plate, ha ha. I call this line Andianne. I started selling the first collection in October and it’s already been super successful. I’m really enjoying it and plan to continue. My collection involves a lot of hand stamping, brass geometric shapes, turquoise stones, and quartz. You can see it at the next Market Collective!

Oh and did I mention I’ve decided that I am still going to make bags? Yep, that’s right. I received so many emails from my customers letting me know how disappointed they were that they didn’t get their hands on one yet. So I’ll be creating a very limited amount of this year and selling them exclusively online. A full plate indeed!




MC: We know that your bags were incredibly popular and successful. Was it hard to transition out of this to your new project?

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately. Why the heck am I changing my career when I’m doing so well!? Here’s the reason: Because everyone else saw my success but me. I knew in my heart I still had a bit of a ways to go. I still had a message that I wanted to get out and share, and that is teaching. I’m still a designer, I still make bags and jewelry, just on a smaller scale. This is just the next chapter. I’m really excited!


MC: Why do you think organizations such as Market Collective are important in a city?

Market Collective has been a big part of the growth of my business. When I started selling my bags back in the school days (2004-2006) there was nothing available in this city to sell your work at. Nothing. Etsy wasn’t even around!!  What younger artists don’t realize is that we are in a very exciting time that has only come about in the last five years. Don’t take this for granted! Being self-employed as an artist/designer has never been more accessible. The rules have changed, and will continue to change. An organization like Market Collective understands this and is continuing to provide artists with a resource to grow and expand. We don’t have very many people in this city like Angel and Angela who are willing to work so hard to help and grow our community. We must support, encourage and celebrate these people as much as we can!!


[studio photos: Nicole Irene Dyck]


featured 1


Jocelyn: Did you choose music or did music choose you?

I don’t think I could answer that with 100% certainty, as any producer or artist would likely agree… So many things lead to me getting into producing, and many variations of art were planting the seeds that eventually lead to me making music. When I was growing up I was always listening to what was considered weird music by those around me. The radio was never appealing, so I would listen to my sisters r&b cd’s, and would get my dad to take me to hmv a lot. My oldest sister gave me a copy of All Eyez on Me by 2Pac when I was like 10, and that era of hip-hop was my first real dose of something I couldn’t explain, but wanted to know more about. I think at that time, the 90’s were so amazing and the era of music chose me, or at least resonated with something within me. When I was 14 or so and got my first computer, a little iMac G3, and started accumulating the library of mp3’s I have today, so I suppose thats when I got to choose the music.

Jocelyn: When have you wanted to give up and why did you keep going?

I wouldn’t say I’ve ever given up on music, to me its the glue of this world. I have taken lengthy brakes from making music, but never to listening, spreading, supporting, or learning. Inspiration, like anything comes in waves, so I do it for that percentage of the curve where its unfiltered, and there is a genuine love of what I’ve just been part of creating. I suppose the more you dig into anything you truly love, you realize the knowledge is endless, as are the difficulties. The more critical you become, the harder it gets, but the bridges not dams mentality has always been a good tool for me. Recently my closest homie Mr.Geography put it well in saying “You must always remain the student, even when you become the teacher” and I suppose thats why I, and many of us keep going. The inspiration that I can get from hearing new material from my favourite artists(or friends), and from seeing them play at one of our nights, or at a festival deep in the forest is another big reason I stay involved.

Jocelyn: When I listen to your music I really get lost in the journey, is that how the creating process is for you?

That makes sense, as I often get lost in the process of making a track… Sound can do the best things to you, unlike any other sense in my opinion. Frequencies have been the most interesting thing I’ve dived into thus far in life, because to me they explain it all, without needing to understand anything. Everything is a vibration, and as musicians we capture the small portion of those vibrations that are heard, and felt by our senses. I suppose most of the creative process is trying to surface a feeling into something felt and heard, so that I can share it with someone other than myself. Sometimes that process is flowing like a river and a track can come out in an hour, and other times like a small creek, but it’s always moving foreword.

Jocelyn: You spin at my favourite restaurant in Calgary, The Coup, every weekend? How did you land that gig and why is it a good fit for your music?

I forget how long ago or why, but Mr.Geography / Sergio Levels couldn’t play a Thursday night, and he called me and asked if I wanted to cover. Our friend Bruno aka Ill Cognito is the resident, and main DJ at The Coup, so I guess playing that one time got my foot in the door, and it just so happened to be a good fit for a lot of the ambient and “feelings” artists I listen to, and play. From there on Bruno started hitting me up more and more, and thanks to some rad friends, I get to play there almost every week.

Jocelyn: I’ve always believed there is a big difference between creating something and sharing something. How long were you creating music before you started sharing it?

I can remember those early days when my taste in electronic was far from tasteful… I started to make weird sounds in garageband, and mashups of hip hop acapellas in this dj software I downloaded, but I had no idea what I was doing. Getting Ableton 7, shortly after the time Mr.Geography was living with me was the start of it all. We would send each other short tracks we’d make in an hour back and forth for fun. That was probably the first time I shared anything I had made. From there, I made a myspace account in like 2008, before all the soundcloud and other networkings stuff took off, and just started uploading everything I made. I began to learn a lot more of the technical side by 2010, and that along with a large dose of early era uk dubstep really got me into making, playing and spreading music.

Jocelyn: Tell me about

As a crew, the members thus far include Piranha Piranha, Dan Solo, Lorne B, Mr.Geography/Sergio Levels, Typist, Thief, Thats Deep, Donna Dadda, and myself. TheRinseOut is a collective of DJ’s, producers, creators and foreword moving thinkers. It was the child of Sandro aka Mr.Geo, and Im not sure where it originally grew from, but my other pal and mentor Dan Solo and him got it going a few years back. I was completely new to DJ’ing and the Calgary scene at this point, but visiting the old Giant 45 on 17th got me interested, and later involved with the crew. That record shop is where a lot of the ideas for the site, and the parties it would go on to promote, were created. Being involved with TheRinseOut meant being involved with Modern Math and its growth, and from there many other nights branched off. These days Northern Lights (The Hifi Club), as well as Natural Selection (Broken City) are going strong. New ideas and nights are always being concieved and collaborations with other local and coastal family are always in the works. There are some major changes lined up not only for the site, but for the impression and route we plan to carve with the name, so 2013 will be an eventful year (stay tuned).


Thanks to Jocelyn and Market Collective for the work you all do and waves it spreads to people like myself in this wonderful city!


Deitra and Aaron will be creating the February photobooth! Wonder what lovely ideas they have in store….? ♥

Here they are in last Febraury’s photobooth that was created by none other than Mr. Jack Bride!



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