Sled Island Block Party X Market Collective


We are excited to announce that we are back for the 5th annual Sled Island Block Party! This year the Block Party is moving to Inglewood, and we are looking forward to the new location.

Please note, there are a limited amount of spaces for this event. This is an outdoor event, and all artists are provided with a table, two chairs and a tent.

Click on the above image to Apply / Deadline to apply: May 20

May 27-29 Volunteer Registration


The MC Volunteer Dream Team is looking for some outstanding individuals to volunteer for our May event! Interests in music, food, art, people and friendly experiences are an asset. Volunteers get full admission for the weekend, a volunteer t-shirt, a limited MC tote bag, a $10 gift certificate, a food voucher worth $10 and a photo booth print voucher. Persons of all ages are welcome to volunteer! Contact MC Volunteer Coordinator Josh at for more info.


To register for a shift, please click Here.

MC Debut Artist | Irene Rasetti

IMG_7917We had the chance to interview the lovely and talented Irene Rasetti to learn more about her work and the process she took to grow her practice. Irene graduated from L’Istituto Marangoni in Milan, is a textile artist, and was chosen by the MC to showcase her work this weekend. Read more about this amazing artist below. eucalyptus with metal

draping processTell us a bit about your practice and how your life has led you to this point.
I create textile pieces by using botanicals, plant matter, and non-toxic metals. The fabric is treated through dye sessions involving steaming, shibori and/or bundle dying where the fabric is tightly wrapped together with plant matter and then cooked for hours. The plant matter leaves a lovely impression, and the results are never exactly the same. I make a lot of scarves, but have started making simple, easy to wear garments. Everything is made of organic cotton, silk, or a silk-wool blend.
I have a history in fashion design. I graduated from L’Istituto Marangoni in Milan many moons ago and had many great experiences within the industry, but it was never quite fulfilling. It’s taken a long time to get to this particular creative stage. I have met many inspiring women along the way who have shared their craft and knowledge with me. I have them to thank and hope I can contribute in the same ways.
IMG_6869You speak of your work in terms of decay and growth, aging and birth. How do you feel that these themes have guided you in your personal life?
S_S 14 rust_silk
 Decay and growth, aging and birth, these are themes that are not exclusive to me, but rather a part of every persons life experience. Simply put, It’s important to find beauty in the stuff that isn’t so beautiful. My life is far from perfect, I’ve failed countless times and in many different ways. But all of that has as much value as that which has brought me great joy. It’s the space where we can learn about things like growth, compassion and non-judgement. Things I think we can all use a little more of in both giving and receiving. This is how I try to navigate all aspects of my life… But for the record,  I want it to be clear that I don’t walk around shooting rainbows and star-dust. I’m a person who is very much in tune with her dark-side, and always appreciate people who show a little edge. I find it authentic. IreneRasetti_5


What are some obstacles that you feel you’ve overcome to get to this point?
 A major obstacle for me was never putting work out because I never felt it was good enough. It’s still a battle most days. Sometimes you feel great about your work, and other days you’re riddled with self doubt. I think it’s a common experience for any artist or maker.  We get caught up in trying to make things  ‘perfect’, or ‘just right’… but I think I’ve learned to let it go. You gotta throw yourself into the fire. I think it’s where the magic happens.

maple seeds on silk

You have been selected as the March Market Collective Debut Artist. What interested you about being a part of the MC and what are you most excited about for this weekend?

It makes sense to want to be a part of Market Collective. There are other wonderful artisans, the sense of community, the opportunity to support local, and the chance to show my work. I look forward to meeting other artists and makers and the chance to be a part of something new.

How can people get in touch with you to see more of your work?
Visit my website at and shoot me an email. You can come over to my studio, drink coffee and check some stuff out.

March MC | Musicians| 2016

Friday, March 18 >>> Infilm <<< 8pm
infilmInfilm is an experimental electronic duo from Calgary.

To record their debut record, Emporium, Infilm traveled on the road to Brooklyn, New York. While being engulfed in the heaving of the breathing city, Infilm took to the studio to capture the various tracks on Emporium. Their music, both melodically and lyrically, makes a committed attempt to encompass the varying aspects of being profoundly human.

Emporium has been described as delicate, fragile, and dauntingly vast. Often weighing on feelings of desolation and depersonalization, the delivery of Emporium exposes a great deal of vulnerability; however, it is also quick to expose feelings of personal growth and rebellion against societal misconceptions. Infilm’s genre-bridging sound is driven by the synthesis of both electronic and rock elements and captures the listener’s attention with both energetic and compelling layers of expression.

Friday, March 18 >>> Fox Who Slept the Day Away <<< 7pm
Fox Who Slept the Day Away is an ambient indie band that delivers layers of groovy interwoven melodies and harmonies that have people dancing and sleeping all at once. Their wide array of influences drives a dynamic post-rock sound, which creates a spacey atmosphere.

Friday, March 18 >>> Deepone <<< 4-7pm

Saturday, March 19 >>> Chris Dadge <<< 10am-Noon
Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.27.58 PM
Chris Dadge lives in Calgary, Alberta, where he works as a percussionist, producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record label operator, and concert organizer.

As an improvising musician, Dadge has spent the bulk of his years playing percussion, developing a voice based on an increasingly open-ended variety of sound-generating objects, integrating found items and re-purposed strings. Massimo Ricci writes, “the almost perfect balance between skin, wood and metal-derived timbres is definitely cherished,” and a review from Volcanic Tongue noted, “Dadge has a fleet, needling style that would transpose Milford Grave’s multi-pulse work to a looser, more thought-paced setting, working in bursts of propulsion and single emphatic sound events.” This underlying quest for a personalized vocabulary led to the broadening of the instrumental palette, adding violin, broken electronics, crude sampling, and various other small instruments to the list. The current realization of this approach can be heard in Dadge’s solo work (on albums such as A Bird Is A Light Thing and What Comes After Dust) as well as with Scott Munro in the Bent Spoon Duo. The duo, which has been active for over a decade, “approach[es] improvisation from an anti-classicist stance, instead opting for a scrape and drape sound that finds the two moving between instruments and mood in rapid fire succession,” (Ear-Conditioned Nightmare) and The Wire’s Byron Coley calls it “splendid, low-bore Improv racket in the classic pots-and-pans style.” Dadge has worked with, among others, Peter Evans, Eugene Chadbourne, Jack Wright, Chris Riggs, Eric Chenaux, Mats Gustafsson, Christian Munthe, Ellwood Epps, Chad van Gaalen, Bill Horist, Fossils/David Payne, John Oswald, and Colin Fisher.

Saturday, March 19 >>> MMMARISHHH <<< Noon
Soul speak not far from yesterdays and tomorrow, MMMARISHHH is a futurepsych/ambientgnome recording artist from Alberta. She sings and plays 12 string guitar and is a member of the bands, Devonian Gardens and Sleepkit.

Saturday, March 19 >>> Chad Saunders <<< 1-3pm
Chad Saunders is the Director of Operations and Special Projects at the NMC, former station manager for University of Calgary-based radio station CJSW 90.9 FM and retired host of ‘My Allergy to the Fans’ on CJSW.
Saturday, March 19 >>> Hornell & Sneddon <<< 3pm
Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.01.32 PM
Matthew Hornell is a gifted singer/songwriter, aware that the muse often directs the master. Ideas and emotions both personal and universal are channeled throughout “Have It All” his sophomore, soulful folk album.Accompanied by an amazing group of musicians and gorgeous, soothing female backing vocals, Have It All is a record of spiritual awakening.

Matthew Hornell deservedly won a plethora of MIANL. Awards for his CD debut. Clearly upon a few listens you realize Hornell has the key ‘chops’ as a singer/songwriter. The lyrical content is diverse, arrangements succinct and vocal delivery unquestionably honest.You can usually tell when a songwriter is being clever or cute, going for a pretty shot. But Matthew Hornell wears his authenticity like a badge of honour.
Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.03.29 PM
Andrew Sneddon is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter based in Halifax, NS, Canada. He is primarily noted for his work on the Resophonic Guitar as well as other steel guitars. Sneddon performs primarily with the award winning group The Modern Grass as a contributing songwriter, vocalist, and resophonic guitarist. When not touring and working in MG, Sneddon can be found performing in other bluegrass groups and as a sideman to singer-songwriters.

Saturday, March 19 >>> Mr. Robinson < 4-6pm
Sunday, March 20 >>> Overland <<< 10am-Noon
Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.15.35 PM

Sunday, March 20 >>> Pancake <<< Noon
Sunday, March 20 >>> DJ Wolfadel <<< 1-3pm
Antonio’s first love was the guitar at the age of three. Because he was so young, it needed to have three nylon strings so his toddler fingers wouldn’t be cut while he played it. Within a few
years he added percussion, then piano to his repertoire. From a young age, Antonio was mentored by Calgary’s favourite Kaley Kinjo. The relationship was a great match from day one when at the age of six, Antonio shared that his favourite band was the Ramones. After years of busking with his guitar on Stephen Ave. and jamming on the drums in the basements of local musicians, Antonio gained an interest in DJ’ing. He has been studying at Beat Drop and continues to expand his skills into mastering production and turntabling. His musical knowledge and interests range from classical music to contemporary hip-hop. Now, at the age of fourteen, Antonio has performed his DJ’ing skills at Art openings and private functions as DJ Wolfadel.

Sunday, March 20 >>> Jason Famous & Le Fame <<< 3pm

Sunday, March 20 >>> Corinthian <<< 4-6pm

Applications for May 27-29 and July 8-10


March 2016 / Perfume Workshop

Amanda Spicer (Pranic Forest) / Perfume Workshop

Amanda Spicer

About the Instructor: Amanda Spicer is an apothecary artisan and a natural beauty alchemist. She is striving to bring you back to nature, where beauty is concerned. She has had a 20 year history in the beauty industry, and now focuses her intent on championing for holistic beauty. She graduated as a hairstylist/esthetician 20 years ago, and has since gone on to study pranic healing, herbalism, and aromatherapy. She operates Pranic Forest, a small batch herbal apothecary company and offers services such as the pranic facial, which is a cross between chakra healing, a botanical facial, and reflexology. She also offers home perfuming parties where she teaches a holistic /energy approach to blending essential oils into magical perfumes.
 Amanda Workshop
About the Workshop: Come and learn a holistic approach to blending essential oils to make your own perfume. Let Amanda guide you through the chakras, categorizing essential oils that work with each chakra.We will discuss base notes, middle notes, and top notes. An emphasis on essential oil safety, where perfuming is concerned. Each person will make there own highly concentrated roll on 10 ml perfume. Yes! You get to make your very own fragrance.

The Workshop Includes:

+ The knowledge on how to select the correct essential oils
+ All materials for perfumes
+ MC Limited Edition Tote Bag
+ MC Weekend Admission

Date: Saturday, March 19, 2016
Time: Noon – 1:30pm
Location: Chinese Cultural Centre (197 1st Street SW, Calgary)
Cost: $65 plus tax

Register Now

March 18-20 Volunteer Sign up


The volunteer registration is now open for the March 18-20 Market Collective. This is a great way to get to know new people, the Market Collective community and this wonderful talented city. No prior volunteer experience is necessary. If you are energetic, passionate, and committed, we want you!

Each volunteer is given a volunteer package that includes: MC gift card, Meal Card, Photobooth Voucher, Tote Bag and T-shirt.

If you would like to schedule a shift, click Here.

Questions? Email Josh Sison:

February 12-14 / Photobooth Download


You brought the love, you brought the moves, and you were ridiculously good looking all weekend long. Now, we bring to you the full photobooth album ready for download, courtesy of Raya Del Sol Photography.


Find your photo HERE.

Market Collective | Musicians | Feb. 12-14

Friday, February 12 >>> The Heirlooms <<< 8pm
The Heirlooms is an up-and-coming, five piece group of groove induced youngsters that formed in early January of 2015. Their music has been described as “a kaleidoscopic patchwork of intelligent and emotional brilliance”-Mark Steele of Sound Blab UK.They have a second album titled ‘Ma-Me-O Beach’ set to release in early March of 2016.

Not yet a year from the release of their first album ‘These Days Too Shall Pass’ which was released in July of 2015. After three members moved to Calgary from High River AB to further pursue musical careers they were heavily supported by many well established local bands and venues.

Eventually coming to join Fossil Records with the intention of furthering Calgary in becoming a prolific and influential arts community in Canada. They have played various venues in cities across Alberta and are in the midst of booking their first tour in 2016.

Friday, February 12 >>> Steve Young <<< 7pm

Friday, February 12 >>> Jah Raven Creation. <<< 4-7pm
Jah Raven Creation. is an All Vinyl, All Analog Movement. Well Deep and Exceptionally Thought Provoking. Welcome to the depths of the nest. Minimal house and techno. Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.

Saturday, February 13 >>> DJ SCIENCE <<< 10am-Noon
DJ Science has been DJing since 2007, both on the radio (CJSW) and in clubs. At venues like The Warehouse and Commonwealth, she spun her flavour of indie rock music but is also drawn to experimental music, electronica and 90s pop. She’s a huge science and math nerd. She loves when art and science meet to create something beautiful and can be found scouring the internet for weird music created by artificial intelligence or mathematical formulas (yup, nerd).
Saturday, February 13 >>> 21 Strings <<< Noon
Xinna plays the guzheng, a 21-stringed traditional Chinese acoustic instrument. Ezra plays guitar, piano and drums. Together, they combine classic Chinese songs with modern Western tunes and original compositions. They have been playing together since 2009, and are currently working toward completing their first full album.

Saturday, February 13 >>> Hank Zappa <<< 1-3pm

Saturday, February 13 >>> Dumb Angel <<< 3pm
Giving the tag “Folk Rock” a good name, Shaun Mason AKA Dumb Angel breathes life into a sound that has been nearly kicked to death by an endless parade of indie-chancers and miserablists. If Dennis Wilson jammed with ‘Wish You Were Here;-era Pink Floyd, ‘Broken Glass’ would be the result, born into bright waves and drifting far from shore. Harmonies for days, Shaun and his group open the windows wide and step into that breeze. You’ll either get it or you won’t. Like John Lee Hooker, he’s singing “for the people who feel the same way I (sic) do”.

‘Broken Glass’ is the 4th and latest album from Saskatoon, Canada’s inner-space explorers Dumb Angel. Recorded and co-produced by S.J. Kardash (The Deep Dark Woods, The Sheepdogs, Reignwolf), ‘Broken Glass’ follows up 2012’s Eight Moments of Spring (recorded by The Besnard Lakes’ Jace Lasek) and continues the evolution from the sparse, raw singer-songwriter approach of earlier albums to the vibrant, dynamic-band colossus that is present day Dumb Angel. Mason’s luminous, meditative songs are elevated to exhilarating new heights by lush vocal harmonies, cosmic pedal steel, hypnotic layered guitars, keys, and percussion, all combining to make this the most entrancing Dumb Angel release to date. The band will be touring across Canada in April 2015 in conjunction with the official album release.

Saturday, February 13 >>> Barnaby Bennett <<< 4-6pm

Barnaby Bennett is an artist currently based in Calgary, Canada. His musical work explores psychedelic folk and pop song forms, traditional country music and experimental/ambient sound art – all within a contemporary context.

A multitude of releases in a wide array of styles have been released by Barnaby in the past few years, with no less than five future projects scheduled for release in the near future. His album ‘Shadows and Reflections: An Anthology’ was released in November 2012 through Umor Rex in Mexico City (distributed by Thrill Jockey in North America and Morr Music in Europe).

Other notable projects involve collaborations with M. Geddes Gengras, R. Stevie Moore, Amos Garrett, Charlie McCoy, Wayne Moss and members of the Carter family – as well as collaborative live performances with D/P/I, Damo Suzuki, Julia Holter and Astral Swans.

Barnaby co-founded and curated the critically acclaimed MTT Fest which brought artists such as Dean & Britta, Sonic Boom, Mac Demarco and Matthewdavid to Calgary in March 2012. He also curates the Calgary Psych concert series which to date has hosted Masaki Batoh, Hamish Kilgour & Theo Angell, Prince Rama, Rene Hell, Ital, Sun Araw, The Vacant Lots, Felicia Atkinson and more.

Sunday, February 14 >>> Themes <<< 10am-Noon
Sunday, February 14 >>> Kirsten Ludwig <<< Noon
With a soft demeanor and heavy mind, Kirsten Ludwig achieves simultaneous vulnerability, strength, grace, and madness. Ludwig continues to blaze a fierce path much like the wildly creative and independent female artists she is noted to look to.

Sunday, February 14 >>> Alexandria Maillot <<< 12:30pm
It is easy to assume, at the age of twenty-two, that endeavours are a mere surface scratch to the entirety of one’s corporeality lifespan. Toes have been dipped in the waters of trial and triumph, yet a quarter of a life hardly merits a badge of prolific feat. It is easy to assume, at the age of twenty-two, that one does not yet know who they are. It is easy to assume.

Alexandria’s debut EP Just Another Girl was a project spanning several years, which finally came to fruition in the spring of 2012. Production for the album took place in the critical years of adolescence; thus, the album, marking an epoch of her personal and creative evolution, helped cultivate the musical kindling of her forthcoming sophomore release. It is evident, at the age of twenty-two, Alexandria carries herself in song and spirit beyond her years.

Sunday, February 14 >>> Tom Mannix <<< 1-3pm

Sunday, February 14 >>> Ship Shape <<< 3pm
Ship Shape is the manifestation of the songs and vision of Calgary producer and musician Arran Fisher. After 11 years as a core contributor to psych rock stalwarts The Summerlad, Fisher decided it was time for a complete change of pace, and verged this time into folk-rock territory with songs that focus on the melody and lyrics.

The band was formed in spring 2011 with five core players and a few occasional contributors. All are seasoned veterans of the Calgary music scene, with histories in bands such as Brenda Vaqueros/Beaver Squadron, Günther, Heat Ray, Clinton St. John, Beija Flor, Shiver and THWOMP.It’s worth noting that none of the aforementioned bands is known for its folk/roots sound, but Fisher wasn’t looking for players who knew the genre, he wanted people who would enjoy spending time together and playing his songs.

This is a band who are in it for the love and the spirit of the moment. For Ship Shape, the point of playing is to play, to make a song happen. Maybe this is old-fashioned, but Ship Shape doesn’t make music for those who need to be cool.

Sunday, February 14 >>> Two Pair Pat <<< 4-6pm

2015: Year In Review


The most enjoyable email that we write all year!
Check out our 2015: Year in Review to see all of the wonderful ways that you contributed to MC this year. From bringing your dogs and babies, to smiling, to taking DIY workshops, to volunteering, to investing your hard earned money into the artists at the MC…we really couldn’t do it without you!
This year YOU invested $2 000 000 into the artists and food vendors at the MC, who keep 100% of their sales.
Hats off! Can’t wait to spend 2016 with you!
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