December 4-6 Photobooth Event

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The photobooth album from December 4-6 is now up. Download your photos here.

Holiday Meditation Workshop December 12th 11:00am – 12:30pm

Stillness and Surrender (1)“I want to breathe love, be love, see love, and embrace a life of love. When we come from a space of love we create a larger container to heal our wounds as well as connect with ourselves and the world around us on a deeper level. Join a small intimate tribe of individuals in learning more about love and meditation , how to create or deepen our practice, and how to become more conscious in creating a life of love, through meditating.”
Cassie Zaychuk is hosting our first ever meditation workshop: December 12th from 11:00am- 12:30pm.  Take space, and create a centre of healing this Saturday.
Suggested donation is $10, and 50% of those donations will be given to the Sheriff King Women’s Shelter.


DSC_0073Kourtney Branagan is our third Market Collective Debut Artist for this upcoming weekend, and we are so excited to have her showcase her work. Her love of the mountains, and her ability to craft up some beautiful work, has inspired us here at the MC. Alongside, two beautiful daughters, Kourtney works between nap times, and rises with the sun, to continue creating alongside family life. We had a chance to chat with her about life, what inspires her, and the daily routine that works for this beautiful mother. Come and visit Kourtney this weekend; her passion for the holiday season is contagious! She is even generously giving a free little ornament for every purchase made!

Tell us a bit about your work and process. What can we expect to see at the Market Collective?

I really want to keep my work focused around the principle ‘simplifying nature’. In particular the mountains. I know they are these huge, vast, complex, and mighty structures in real life – but for me, they represent a sense of calm, serenity, and simplicity in life. I hope to capture that with my simple shapes and clean lines through my string art.

With two young girls running amok I needed a creative outlet that let me play with power tools and be creative with colour choices. I often work in batches taking advantage of nap time or school hours – I will cut and sand one day, stain another, then hammer and string during the evenings. I have also been known to do some stringing while supervising bath time or lunch. My oldest is five and she likes to consult on colours with me. I will also often sit down and paint beside my girls – I can work on water colours while they come up with a bunch of other beautiful pieces. I try not to get too hung up on perfectionism while painting – rather letting it be a pretty loose affair.

I will be bringing many of what I consider my ‘classic’ pieces to Market Collective – solo and triple mountain boards in various sizes – including some minis for stockings or secret-santa gifts, poppy water colours, and some more abstract water colours inspired by sunrises and sunsets. I also hope to have some new mountain pieces playing around with reclaimed wood, leather, and other stringing materials. I hope they turn out as good in real life as I am imagining in my brain!


The name ‘Agnes in August’ seems like it has a history behind it. How did you decide on the name of your company?

When my hubby and I got married we took a mini-moon (a very short honeymoon) for a few nights to Lake Louise. It was August and the first day we hiked the loop connecting the two tea houses starting first at Lake Agnes. It remains as one of my best mountain memories. The mountains have always been a special place where we can connect with each other, our families, and our friends. For me Agnes in August is about creating and making positive memories and fostering relationships with others and nature.

A side note – my first ever Etsy sale was a gift from one friend to another – exactly how I hope to see Agnes in August flourish!


What advice would you give to artists beginning their practice and business? What have you learned from being a creative entrepreneur in Calgary and how do you think this would translate to other cities?

I think connecting with your product on a personal level has really helped me be invested. While I am in the process of creation I like to reflect on our adventures in the mountains or days spent watching the sunrise with my girls (yes – they are early risers!) I create my work out of love for my experiences and treasured memories.

Having connected with other makers early on to help bolster support and encouragement has been key. I think opening yourself up to friendships, mentorship, and collaborations are all key to entrepreneurship.


What are some future goals you have for yourself, both in your practice and personal life?

I always say I want to spend more time in the mountains. Truthfully we let ourselves get busy and forget to schedule it in as often as I would like. Perhaps after Market Collective I will treat myself to a night away in the mountains! This year we are going to introduce our oldest to snowshoeing and downhill skiing. Now that sounds like an adventure!

I mentioned it a bit earlier – from a creative standpoint I would love to use some new materials. Leather really appeals to me – maybe it reminds me of all the cows that hang out along highway 66.

12144320_695473507254699_1418491189_n You have been chosen as one of four debut artists for this upcoming Market Collective holiday series. What are you most excited about being a part of this collective and event?

First of all – thank you for picking me! Wow, so humbled.

Really I just cannot wait to be a part of the hustle and bustle. I adore Christmas. Adore. In fact I am giving everyone who makes a purchase a free ornament. And probably all the kiddos too just because they are all so stinkin’ cute. I think being able to meet other makers, shoppers, and be a part of this crazy community is a gift in and of itself. That gift – people is what I am most excited about.

How can people follow you and find out more about your work?

Visit me on instagram or check out my Etsy page!11909961_933749350027657_445444977_n

Photo Booth Photos are Now Online and Santa Photos Every Sunday!

Photo booth photos are now online! Also, Santa visits the Market Collective every Sunday, so come on by and get your photo with this beloved man! Prints are $5, special Santa prints are $10, and downloads are free and available online. Here are some favourites from last weekend! Click on the image below for more!

Santa Collage

Event Photos on now online!

A big thank you to Mike Tan from Diane + Mike  and Allison Seto for taking such beautiful photos this past MC weekend! You can check them out here!Stage Photo Nov 27





kevandchristine1Christine Sheu and Kevin Helm are the talented duo behind 2point54, a furniture and product design company located in Calgary, AB. The company started as a collaboration between two friends who shared an obsession with meticulously crafted items, and has most recently been chosen as the second series of our MC Debut Artists this holiday season. We had a chance to pick the brains of these two pals, and hear their thoughts on their process, being in a partnership, and the lessons and freedom found by following your dreams. We thoroughly enjoy and appreciate their work here at the MC, and we hope you do too!

Tell us a bit about your work and process. What can we expect to see at the Market Collective?

TL Console with lofty stool_white wash and black smallC –  Our approach to design is holistic and collaborative throughout a project. From sketching, modeling, prototyping, selecting materials and final production, we are constantly bouncing ideas back and forth. Sometimes the process can be long and tedious, but there are those amazing moments when things finally click and we power through to surprising outcomes.

K –  I’ll admit that there are numerous occasions where we think we are onto something brilliant in a design, only to realize in talking it out and by physically modeling it, that its not possible or looks good on paper and that’s it. All our products go through several revisions in the design whether it be the dimensions, general aesthetic or material choice before we are happy with the end result.

C – For Market Collective, not only are we showing a selection of our favorite furniture pieces, but we have also been working hard on putting together smaller designs. It has been a fun challenge the last couple of months brainstorming and creating works from the same material we use day to day, just in a different scale. We will also be pulling in some materials we play and experiment with outside of our usual hardwood and steel.

2point54_Boletti Credenza_ angle view_small Kevin, you returned to school after starting a career, and life path, in a completely different direction. What have you learned from this decision, and how would you guide others leaving the security of their current situation to follow their true path?

2point54_kevin grindingK – The decision to head down a new career path definitely was not an easy one, but its one that I am extremely glad that I took. A lot of people questioned why I would be making such a drastic career change at 32, and at times in the beginning I questioned myself as well, but you have to have faith in your self and persevere. Changing careers really helped me understand and define what motivated me, what truly made me happy and what I was capable of. A friend once told me that “if you are happy with what you are doing, you will always make money and the passion will always show in your work,” and that has truly stuck with me. I recommend taking baby steps into a new career before you jump in all the way. Take a night class or talk to people in the field to see if its something you really want to do and then find people who are going to support you emotionally and almost believe in your dream more than you, because you are going to hit some road blocks starting off and it can be discouraging. If its something you are really passionate about, dive in head first and don’t look back, it will be worth the effort.

Christine, you were raised in the US, and after studying in NYC, relocated to Calgary, AB. How do you feel the change of country and context has influenced your work and lifestyle?

2point54_christine jointingC – The biggest difference is the presence of Cheezies and lack of Cheez-its. Just kidding :D Nature has always been a big creative influence, so having access to the National and Provincial Parks is a gift. I absolutely love the mountains, the clouds and even the nutty weather. Each location I’ve lived has had its own pace and attitude. With such a young population from all around the world, Calgary has the opportunity to progress both creatively and sustainably. I would love to experience and contribute to that.

As a collaborative partnership, what do you feel that each of you bring as an element to your design and practice? What lessons have you learned along the way?

C – There are things in the business that we have to, for efficiency sake, split up and tackle, but for the most part we work on everything together. Starting a business has been a fast-paced education in topics ranging from marketing to construction to unexpected things like city regulations. When we run up against something challenging, it always helps to have someone to problem solve with.

K – We both have our own strengths that we each gravitate toward, with myself being the business side and Christine the technical side of design, but in terms of design ideation, we are lucky that we have similar design tastes and work very well together. We have learned that every design requires a bit of flexibility in the concept and if one of us is too stubborn on how we envision something, it will never get realized or live up to the potential as in a collaboration.2point54__Impartial Bench

You have been chosen as one of four debut artists for this upcoming Market Collective holiday series. What are you most excited about being a part of this collective and event?

DraftingTable-127C – I am really looking forward to interacting with other artists and visitors. There’s such a warm feeling when you are a part of a supportive, creative community that is hard to replicate in other avenues.

K – Market Collective is an amazing event to be a part of, as it is a great chance to see the abundance of local talent that can be found in Calgary all in one venue. Without events like this, certain artists would never get the recognition and exposure for their work that they deserve.

What is the best way to see more of your work and contact you?

Come visit us on our website at: or instagram

November 27-29 Weekend Highlights

ClothingDrive-Instagram  Santa-Instagram-02

Dec-Hashtag-01 Dec 4-6 Music Schedule


pkanwischer_portraitThe Market Collective receives hundreds of submissions for each event, and we spend hours upon hours with the curatorial team reviewing each one. Through this process, we come across an artist like Philip Kanwischer. Talented, driven, and incredibly intriguing, Philip has been chosen as the MC’s first debut artist of our holiday season. You can see his work the weekend of November 28-30 at the Chinese Cultural Centre.

Market Collective had a chance to ask Philip some questions about his work, his process, and his life. Much like his art form, his words were thought-provoking and sincere. Thank you for being a part of the Market Collective Philip, we look forward to seeing you soon.

pkanwischer_framedTell us a bit about your work and process. What can we expect to see at the Market Collective?

My work is very diverse and so is my process. There is a great deal of reflective thought in conceiving my ideas, and a lot of my ideas come from sitting in forests. I really value competency with my materials and my craft is my finesse and technical execution that pull my ideas together. From the raw photo to the edited print, down to the hand sanded frame and custom cut mats, I am present in each step and every choice is considered. At this Market Collective I am featuring a variety of my wildlife and fine art prints with black walnut frames and hand crafted Scandinavian camp knives. My craft is something I’m very confident in.pkanwischer_perched

You speak on the element of ‘patience’, in context of your practice, as well as how you view the environment around you. How has this concept developed your personal life philosophy?

I feel like everything is instant in present day. A lot of us become uncomfortable with being patient, doing nothing, I am thankful that I have an applicable understanding of the concept of slowing down. I have matured a lot learning how to be patient. Aside from my photography this is definitely part of my personal philosophy and lends itself to how I live my life, the company I keep and my deep value and connection with nature.pkanwischer_nurture

Your relationship with nature inspires much of your work. What are some favourite ways you immerse yourself in the great outdoors?

There is nothing more satisfying than sitting in nature waiting for animals to grace me with their presence and making a connection. This is my favourite way of finding animals, going camping for weeks at a time and getting up at 5:00 before the sun rises when everything feels untouched. So much happens when you take a couple hours to just sit and listen, the mice come out and scurry around you, and you become very aware of how alive the forest is. Unfortunately this romantic notion is not always the case. There are a lot of un-fruitful trips and a fair amount of shots are a result of opportunity just from driving around at these early hours and staying alert. Patience is everything it gives me time to plan my shots and time goes so quickly when you’re doing something you love.

pkanwischer_progressYour practice contains elements of sculpture and woodworking. How does working within different mediums fulfill your creative pulse?

I think it’s limiting that many artists get pushed into a niche restricted to one medium, I think diversity is really important. I struggled with this as I majored in photography but my desire to work with my hands has never gone away. Thankfully at ACAD my professors were very supportive and gave me opportunities to continue non photographic mediums. Combining media definitely helped me take a traditionally 2d medium and elevate it to a final 3d tangible piece. As well as pursuing other woodworking, and knife making, I feel there are so many ways to combine mediums creating a new way to look at objects and ideas.pkanwischer_knives_01

You have been chosen as one of four debut artists for this upcoming Market Collective holiday series. What are you most excited about being a part of this collective and event?

I’m stoked for this opportunity and eager to see how my work functions as a business. I view this as a starting point in my creative career and I’m interested to see how the different aspects of my work are received. It’s also very cool to be surrounded by so many other local and unique artists. Being active in the art community is super important, especially as a recent ACAD graduate, and I believe MC is a big part of that community.

How can we view more of your work and process?

My website is: and my instagram handle is: @philipkanwischer



February 2016 Dates

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11899482_825013034282722_1597668216_nCalgary artist Jaryd Adair is biking from YYC to Argentina, and on $2000. He has used his creativity to fund his journey, and has been painting up a storm along the way. Market Collective recently sent Jaryd a cash donation to fuel his journey, or should we say, to keep his tires full of air, his chain well greased, and his stomach full.
We asked Jaryd a couple of questions, but if you’d like to read more about his journey, go to his story on The Hustle.
11821087_1666754730207716_530926084_nMC: You have used creativity to fund the adventure of your lifetime. What has it meant to you to be able to use your passion to be able to drive your dreams/explorations?

Jaryd: I never really planned to fund my trip the way I have, I left home thinking that it would just work. Then having so much time to day dream while alone and travelling by bicycle I had so many ideas I needed to put to paper. With every print, postcard or mural painted I had confidence for the next one and the next one. The fact creativity and the acceptance of personal expression in Central America is so supported it makes public murals fun because EVERYBODY is interested. Creativity and art in general can change lives, being a part of inspiring anybody is the best thing ever.  My friends back home have been amazingly supportive both financially and mentally. Receiving messages and nice words from people gives me so much confidence in the adventure I set out on becoming reality. I am proud of Calgary and what it is becoming, I cannot wait to return with a fresh perspective one day and see what happens.

MC:You say pizza has been your favourite food along the way. What’s your favourite type of pizza?

Jaryd: My favourite type of pizza is the one I am eating that moment. But if it happens to be 4 cheese then I am even more stoked. The pizza fund is such an amazing thing and people get so stoked when I explain it is a part of how I make money on the road. Woo! Go pizza!

How can someone contact you if they would like to learn more about your adventure?

instagram: @playersgoplaces




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