pkanwischer_portraitThe Market Collective receives hundreds of submissions for each event, and we spend hours upon hours with the curatorial team reviewing each one. Through this process, we come across an artist like Philip Kanwischer. Talented, driven, and incredibly intriguing, Philip has been chosen as the MC’s first debut artist of our holiday season. You can see his work the weekend of November 28-30 at the Chinese Cultural Centre.

Market Collective had a chance to ask Philip some questions about his work, his process, and his life. Much like his art form, his words were thought-provoking and sincere. Thank you for being a part of the Market Collective Philip, we look forward to seeing you soon.

pkanwischer_framedTell us a bit about your work and process. What can we expect to see at the Market Collective?

My work is very diverse and so is my process. There is a great deal of reflective thought in conceiving my ideas, and a lot of my ideas come from sitting in forests. I really value competency with my materials and my craft is my finesse and technical execution that pull my ideas together. From the raw photo to the edited print, down to the hand sanded frame and custom cut mats, I am present in each step and every choice is considered. At this Market Collective I am featuring a variety of my wildlife and fine art prints with black walnut frames and hand crafted Scandinavian camp knives. My craft is something I’m very confident in.pkanwischer_perched

You speak on the element of ‘patience’, in context of your practice, as well as how you view the environment around you. How has this concept developed your personal life philosophy?

I feel like everything is instant in present day. A lot of us become uncomfortable with being patient, doing nothing, I am thankful that I have an applicable understanding of the concept of slowing down. I have matured a lot learning how to be patient. Aside from my photography this is definitely part of my personal philosophy and lends itself to how I live my life, the company I keep and my deep value and connection with nature.pkanwischer_nurture

Your relationship with nature inspires much of your work. What are some favourite ways you immerse yourself in the great outdoors?

There is nothing more satisfying than sitting in nature waiting for animals to grace me with their presence and making a connection. This is my favourite way of finding animals, going camping for weeks at a time and getting up at 5:00 before the sun rises when everything feels untouched. So much happens when you take a couple hours to just sit and listen, the mice come out and scurry around you, and you become very aware of how alive the forest is. Unfortunately this romantic notion is not always the case. There are a lot of un-fruitful trips and a fair amount of shots are a result of opportunity just from driving around at these early hours and staying alert. Patience is everything it gives me time to plan my shots and time goes so quickly when you’re doing something you love.

pkanwischer_progressYour practice contains elements of sculpture and woodworking. How does working within different mediums fulfill your creative pulse?

I think it’s limiting that many artists get pushed into a niche restricted to one medium, I think diversity is really important. I struggled with this as I majored in photography but my desire to work with my hands has never gone away. Thankfully at ACAD my professors were very supportive and gave me opportunities to continue non photographic mediums. Combining media definitely helped me take a traditionally 2d medium and elevate it to a final 3d tangible piece. As well as pursuing other woodworking, and knife making, I feel there are so many ways to combine mediums creating a new way to look at objects and ideas.pkanwischer_knives_01

You have been chosen as one of four debut artists for this upcoming Market Collective holiday series. What are you most excited about being a part of this collective and event?

I’m stoked for this opportunity and eager to see how my work functions as a business. I view this as a starting point in my creative career and I’m interested to see how the different aspects of my work are received. It’s also very cool to be surrounded by so many other local and unique artists. Being active in the art community is super important, especially as a recent ACAD graduate, and I believe MC is a big part of that community.

How can we view more of your work and process?

My website is: and my instagram handle is: @philipkanwischer



February 2016 Dates

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Screen shot 2015-11-13 at 1.34.25 AM

Screen shot 2015-11-13 at 1.34.36 AM


11899482_825013034282722_1597668216_nCalgary artist Jaryd Adair is biking from YYC to Argentina, and on $2000. He has used his creativity to fund his journey, and has been painting up a storm along the way. Market Collective recently sent Jaryd a cash donation to fuel his journey, or should we say, to keep his tires full of air, his chain well greased, and his stomach full.
We asked Jaryd a couple of questions, but if you’d like to read more about his journey, go to his story on The Hustle.
11821087_1666754730207716_530926084_nMC: You have used creativity to fund the adventure of your lifetime. What has it meant to you to be able to use your passion to be able to drive your dreams/explorations?

Jaryd: I never really planned to fund my trip the way I have, I left home thinking that it would just work. Then having so much time to day dream while alone and travelling by bicycle I had so many ideas I needed to put to paper. With every print, postcard or mural painted I had confidence for the next one and the next one. The fact creativity and the acceptance of personal expression in Central America is so supported it makes public murals fun because EVERYBODY is interested. Creativity and art in general can change lives, being a part of inspiring anybody is the best thing ever.  My friends back home have been amazingly supportive both financially and mentally. Receiving messages and nice words from people gives me so much confidence in the adventure I set out on becoming reality. I am proud of Calgary and what it is becoming, I cannot wait to return with a fresh perspective one day and see what happens.

MC:You say pizza has been your favourite food along the way. What’s your favourite type of pizza?

Jaryd: My favourite type of pizza is the one I am eating that moment. But if it happens to be 4 cheese then I am even more stoked. The pizza fund is such an amazing thing and people get so stoked when I explain it is a part of how I make money on the road. Woo! Go pizza!

How can someone contact you if they would like to learn more about your adventure?

instagram: @playersgoplaces




LEAF NINJAS IS  HOSTING AN EVENT WITH INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED BRAD LANCASTER ON RAINWATER HARVESTING. BRAD IS AN international teacher and author specializing in rainwater harvesting and management on a private and municipal level. Everything from storm water catchment, erosion control, water storage to managing house and yard runoff for your garden. BRAD will specifically be talking about using water in a urban setting, streetscapes and public areas.

Click on the picture below to register for the event!

poster updated

Holiday 2015 DIY Workshops

DIY Holiday Banner

Welcome to the Holiday 2015 DIY Workshops!

For every workshop you will receive MC weekend admission, a limited edition MC totebag, and you get to take home everything that you create. Not only will you be leaving with your special creation, but you will also leave the class with a new skill set so that you can continue creating at home! All of these workshops would make great gifts as well.

Registration is now open! For all inquiries, please email:

See below for a brief overview of each of the classes being offered. To register, click on the registration arrows. ♥♥

Blue LineTia Scheffer // Leather Pouch Workshop


About the Instructor: My name is Tia and I’ve been a crafter for as long as I can remember. It’s in my genes! My Mom taught me how to sew as soon as I could hold a needle, and I’ve been my Dad’s grease monkey for over 2 decades. My interest in leather started about 4 years ago, when I needed a simple but bulletproof wallet. I made one, which I still use, and I made one for everyone I knew. Next thing you know, I’ve got a whole collection of ultra-practical things that you use every single day. And as you know, life can be tough on you and your things, so I chose leather to work with because it will literally out-live it’s user. Everything I make is and always will be handmade from scratch using traditional techniques such as the arduous hand-stitch. I hope everything that I make will be passed down through generations; it’s a small step away from the wasteful western lifestyle and a small step back towards those heritage brands our great-grandparents cherished so much.

About the Workshop: In this workshop you will learn how to make your own coin pouch. It’s cute, it’s triangular, it’s durable. Starting with a pre-cut piece of leather, we will begin by marking and punching each hole for the hand-stitching. Then we will prepare a piece of thread with wax and thread each end with a needle. (That’s right! Two needles, one thread.) Tia will show you how to do a proper hand-stitch the old fashioned way, complete with melting the ends of the thread to finish the stitch. Finally we will install the snap button and round off the end of the front flap. Presto!

The Workshop Includes:
+ Equipment and tools
+ Instruction
+ MC Limited Edition Tote Bag
+ MC Weekend Admission

Date: Saturday, December 12th, 2015
Time: 3pm-4:30pm
Location: Chinese Cultural Centre (197 1st Street SW, Calgary)
Cost: $55 (plus tax)


Blue Line

AV Wakefield // Photo Transfer Workshop

About the Instructor: AV Wakefield, a long time Market Collective artist, is the artist behind North Birch Grove, a fine art photography + home decor brand. With a focus on Canadian Landscapes and travel photography she partners her images with handcrafted wooden items to showcase them in a rustic yet modern way.

About the Workshop: You will be creating wooden photo ornaments in the shape of Alberta, with a cute heart cut out detail! You will learn how to do an image transfer onto wood, using either your own photograph, or one of four Alberta themed photographs that AV has created. Image transfers are a very popular art technique right now, and one which AV uses for her one of a kind barn wood clocks. This workshop will give you the skills + knowledge needed to create your very own image transfer pieces at home!

The Workshop Includes:

+ Equipment and tools
+ Printing of your images on the proper type of paper to create the transfer
+ MC Limited Edition Tote Bag
+ MC Weekend Admission

**Note: Part one will take approximately 45 minutes. You will have a 1 hour break while the glue dries, and you’re welcome to look around the MC. Part two will take approximately 45 minutes.

Date: Friday, December 18th, 2015
Time: 5pm-7:30pm
Location: Chinese Cultural Centre (197 1st Street SW, Calgary)
Cost: $60 (plus tax)



Date: Saturday, December 19th, 2015
Time: 11am – 1:30pm
Location: Chinese Cultural Centre (197 1st Street SW, Calgary)
Cost: $60 (plus tax)



Date: Sunday, December 20th, 2015
Time: 11am – 1:30pm
Location: Chinese Cultural Centre (197 1st Street SW, Calgary)
Cost: $60 (plus tax)


Blue LineSophie Gabias-Moffat // Silversmithing Workshop

Sophie 3

About the Instructor: Sophie Gabias-Moffat is a jewelry designer based in Calgary. Originally from Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, she globetrotted to finally settle in Alberta. Stemming from a family of entrepreneurs, Sophie grew up around the family flower shop, and could be found trying to copy her mom’s floral designs at a young age.  She knew that using her hands to make beautiful things would always be part of her life.
After training at ACAD in a Jewelry and Metal class, she spent some years practicing and honing her skills. Only recently has she created a more cohesive jewelry line and taken the steps to sell them at local markets, online and privately. Sophie loves transmitting knowledge and learning from others.

About the Workshop: Join Sophie to learn the basics of soldering sterling silver at home to create simple and elegant sterling silver stacking rings. The workshop will include a jewelry bench safety portion, to help you gain confidence when working with a mini torch and in getting to know the equipment and tools. This workshop is designed for everyone who desires to learn more about the jewelry making process, or to learn new skills in a safe environment.

The Workshop Includes:

+ Safety first!  Equipment, tools, and how to solder with a micro butane torch and staying safe.
+ Sizing your finger for rings
+ Cutting and prepping your sterling silver pieces
+ Soldering
+ Shaping your rings
+ Textures and finishes
+ MC Limited Edition Tote Bag
+ MC Weekend Admission
(Note: Please bring an apron or old t-shirt if you are worried about getting ink on your clothes)

Date: Sunday, November 29th, 2015
Time: 10:30am – Noon
Location: Chinese Cultural Centre (197 1st Street SW, Calgary)
Cost: $55




Date: Sunday, November 29th, 2015
Time: 12:30pm – 2pm
Location: Chinese Cultural Centre (197 1st Street SW, Calgary)
Cost: $55



Date: Sunday, November 29th, 2015
Time: 2:30pm – 4pm
Location: Chinese Cultural Centre (197 1st Street SW, Calgary)
Cost: $55



Blue Line

Andi Strand // Kids Robot Workshop

Andi Banner

About the instructor: Andi is a blogger, creative and soon to be mama. She has a fine arts degree, majoring in textiles, and has had her hands in the artistic world as a career for over 10 years now. You can find out more information about her at

About the Workshop: Make your trip to Market Collective a family event with this kids workshop! Together with your child you’ll be making robots! All you need is a little imagination. We will provide paints, brushes, and robot parts. You bring yourselves and 2 or more toilet paper rolls (for the robot bodies). There are lots of body parts to assemble and the combinations are endless!! You get to decide what your robot will look like. Are you ready to have some fun!?

**Please note that parents are required to attend and make the craft with their child! One ticket equals covers one parent and one child. If you want to bring another child, just add an additional $5 ticket.

**MC admission is not included in this workshop

Date: Saturday, December 5th, 2015
Time: 10:30am – Noon
Location: Chinese Cultural Centre (197 1st Street SW, Calgary)
Cost: $5 (plus tax)


Holiday 2015 Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Instagram

Celebrate the Holidays by volunteering this winter at Market Collective. Surrounded by cheer, local artists and musicians, delicious food and beverages, and goodwill…you’re sure to have a great time.

Each volunteer is given a volunteer package that includes: MC gift card, Meal Card, Photobooth Voucher, Tote Bag and T-shirt.

If you would like to schedule a shift, click HERE.

Questions? Email Josh Sison:

Please Vote for Us! Community Impact Award.

Community Impact Award

Market Collective is a finalist for the Community Impact Award for the 2015 Small Business YYC Awards.

We are honoured to be nominated for this achievement alongside other organizations and businesses.

As a recipient of this award, we would gain the recognition and support to continue our positive work with the community. It would help us to provide further opportunities with the creative class.

Please support us by casting a vote: VOTE HERE

Thank you for your continued support!
*your email does not get added to a mail-out or database.*


Holiday 2015 Applications

We are excited to announce our Holiday Dates! All of the Holiday MCs will be held at the Chinese Cultural Centre, and we will be showcasing a different roster of artists and musicians during each weekend. Please follow along with us on social media this Holiday Season using the hashtags: #MCcheer #marketcollective

November 27-29
December 4-6
December 11-13
December 18-20
Blue Line
Artist Apply Now Navy

The best gifts are local and handmade artisan gifts.

*Note to artists: If you are applying for more than one weekend, please send in 1 application with the number of MCs that you wish to apply for, and the dates that you wish to participate in order of preference.

All artists are invited to apply now, Deadline to apply: October 9th
Questions?! Email:

Blue Line

Food Vendor Apply Banner

Calling all food and beverage vendors. There is no better way to celebrate the Holiday Season than with delicious food and beverage. We would like you to keep us well fed and hydrated this Winter!

*Note to food vendors: If you are applying for more than one weekend, please send in 1 application with the number of MCs that you wish to apply for, and the dates that you wish to participate in order of preference.

All food/beverage vendors are invited to apply now, Deadline to apply: October 9th
Questions?! Email:

MC Community // Sidewalk Citizen Bakery

Aviv Fried and Michal Lavi are wonderful people, who make wonderful food. These are the two people behind Sidewalk Citizen Bakery, and we are huge fans of them, their business, and their food. We first tried their scones back in 2010, and we have been hooked ever since.

In just under 2 weeks, we are celebrating the Market Collective 7 Year Anniversary, and we are hosting this special occasion just outside of Sidewalk Citizen’s newest location in the Simmons Building on the East Village Riverwalk. You must take a few minutes out of your day to check out their new spot.

We sat down with Michal to chat about the growth of Sidewalk Citizen, and some of the values they hold dear.Sidewalk Bakery

Wow. Sidewalk Citizen has become such a huge staple in Calgary, but it is still a relatively new business. Can you tell us a little bit about how you started?

After graduating with a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Calgary, Aviv was offered a finance position in Toronto. He declined the offer to pursue his passion for artisan baking, wanting to produce something with his hands. He started teaching himself how to bake and in his first year baking he delivered his bread on his bicycle for zero carbon emission, donating the proceeds to charity. A bread delivery list started. The beginning was pretty crazy. With no mixer, Aviv was kneading the dough by hand, 50 kilos at a time, before cutting, shaping, and baking, and then riding his bike delivering up to 150 loaves loaded in a child carrier attached to his bike. Market Collective was the bakery’s first retail location apart from the bread list.

We then took a break and traveled to Nepal to bake bread at Tengboche, a small settlement and Buddhist monastery which is a 3 day hike from the Everest Base Camp. We spent 3 months at the Everest national park culminating in baking bread at the base camp (17,598 ft) for climbers. After Nepal, we traveled to Paris to bake with famed sourdough master, Jean-Luc Poujauran.

We we came back we rented a kitchen space in an industrial area by Chinook mall. Tucked between a headstone manufacturer and various car dealerships, the kitchen was the true start for the bakery where we finally bought a mixer and a bread oven. This was the beginning.

Where was Aviv trained as a baker?

Aviv was self-taught at the beginning and he later trained in Vermont with Jeffrey Hamelman from King Arthur Flour, in Paris with sourdough master Jean-Luc Poujauran and in San Francisco with Chad Robertson from Tartine Bakery. He is planning a trip to New York to study more this year.

SideWalk Aviv

Back in 2010, Sidewalk Citizen used to cart in scones to sell at the MC. We absolutely loved having you around. This was obvious, because all of your baking would sell out by noon each day.
A few weeks back we were chatting over lunch about the fact that MC was the first retail location that Sidewalk Citizen had. Tell us a little about your experience at MC.

Market Collective was our first retail location. We started selling scones and a little bit of bread when the market was in the Ant Hill building in Kensington. After that we sold cheese sticks and focaccia bread as well. It was always great fun for us to be at the market surrounded by good art, good music and good people. One of the biggest perks was all of the good music playing throughout the day. We got to know many great local musicians through the market, and it was exciting to be a part of it and to see the MC evolve and grow. It is one of the things that makes Calgary a great place.


Recently, you have embarked on a new journey, and you have a brand new location in East Village, sharing the Simmons building with Phil & Sebastian and Charbar. How did that collaboration come about?

When the opportunity for the Simmons came along it was almost 4 years ago. It was actually Phil and Sebastian’s idea. We are good friends and we share very similar business philosophy. We then turned to John and Connie, who are also great friends with us and great restauranteurs. The idea for the Simmons was a place of action where bread is being baked, coffee roasted and meat cured. We wanted it to be accessible for everyone with the notion of creating a culinary destination. For us, we are the smallest of everyone so it was important to maintain our sense of adventure in our flavours and room for creativity to make the food we love. The street, sidewalk, and river trail are paramount to our identity.  Our menu was inspired by street food!

Our vision is for a place of exciting, unapologetic food, where the customer experience is similar to our employee experience: generous hospitality, attentive knowledge and friendly customer service. A place that is a meeting spot, a hub with good food, good people and good humour.


What has it been like building a new bakery in an old neighborhood that is undergoing a complete facelift?

Building a new bakery is always a challenge. Although the neighbourhood is being built, to a certain extent it doesn’t feel like a new place. More so revitalized. It’s such an old area of Calgary and close to downtown, so in a way it feels familiar.

With your new location, are you offering anything new that has not been offered previously at your bakery or your Sunnyside location?

Certainly! We’ve created a new menu for the Simmons inspired by street food! One of the new items featured are warm sandwiches in freshly baked pita bread. The pita is different, more like a pocket stuffed with vegetables or meat. We have different pizzas and salads than we do at sunnyside and we also have breakfast sandwiches. Both Sunnyside and the Simmons location offer vegetarian.

At sunnyside, our sandwiches are on a cabbala bun and change daily along with the selection of salads. They are never the same! We aim for these places to be different.

Sidewalk Cookies

Sidewak Citizen has a deep history in giving back to the community and to charity organizations. Can you tell us a little about why this is important to you as a business, and what types of charities you help fund?

Giving back to the community is in our mission statement and has been that way from our inception. We are partial to the arts as we believe that good food and art, in any form, are essential to life, so it’s where we tend to show the most support. We support art shows, individual artists and bigger festivals. We’ve supported Calgary Underground Festival, Sled Island, Cyclepalooza, Honens, wordfest, New Craft Coalition, EAR and the new gallery to name a few. We donate leftover food to shelters and contribute to soup sisters, meals on wheels and meal share.
The inspiration for the bakery’s name came from Jane Jacobs book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities. Written in the 60’s, the book identifies the vital role of small business in creating community, fostering human interaction, generating ideas and creativity, and making the city a safe place to live. These busy, symbiotic interactions between people and retail are beautifully described as an intricate “sidewalk ballet”.
We aspire to be part of this ballet. Calgary is our city and we share its sidewalk. Becoming a part of a community by providing the best quality product, using local suppliers, being an active participant in the city through donating to charity, art and culture events and making exciting joyful food – these are our core mandates.

SideWalk1Where can people get their hands on your delicious food?


East Village / Simmons Building

618 Confluence Way SE
Open 7 days a week
Week days (Monday to Friday): 7:30- 6:00 PM
Weekends: (Sat- Sun) 8:30-6:00 PM

Sunnyside Market in Kensington

338 10 St. NW
Weekdays: 9:00 to 8:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 to 7:00
Sunday 9:00 to 6:00

August Debut Artist / Camp & City

John Fache from Camp and City is our debut artist for the August MC. This jack of all trades loves the city and the countryside, and is honing his skills as a woodworker in YYC. Everything from jewelry to home decor, we are excited to see what he brings to the August MC.

We chatted to John about his love of nature, building, adventure…and what it means to be a young entrepreneur. Make sure to say hi to him this August and give him a big warm welcome to the MC.

John 2

Camp & City is an interesting company name, and it definitely conjures up a series of emotions regarding rural and urban living. How did you come up with the name, and how has your daily living influenced or been influenced by it?

Growing up in Calgary, life in the city is definitely something I’m accustomed to, but my family and I were fortunate enough to pack our bags and spend our summers at the lake. Some of my fondest memories are spent at the cabin, and even now—24 years later—it’s the place I go when I need a break from rush hour traffic and the day-to-day grind.

The idea of Camp & City is that there is equal value in both rural and urban lifestyles. There’s something powerful about being just as comfortable at a social event in a bustling metropolis, as climbing and fishing in the mountains. There’s no need to compromise one lifestyle for another but instead why not dip your toes in the lessons each have to offer.

What is Camp & City, and what types of work do you create?

If I were to have to classify Camp & City, I would call it wood shop meets design studio. I think the fundamental goal is to be continually designing and refining concepts.

I get the same pleasure out of building a 9-foot long table as I do a set of palette coasters. It’s the practice of being in the shop day in day out and getting my hands dirty that I love most.

Pallet 2

How long have you been working with wood, and what were some of the initial things that got you interested in this type of art?

I attended the University of British Columbia Okanagan where I studied Fine Arts. I had an amazing woodworking instructor that gave me the freedom to just play—even if what I was creating was sub par at best. Since I was young, I’ve always wanted to work with my hands, and these years definitely heightened that desire – I just so happened to be a terrible painter.

In all honesty, sitting down to write these questions is a real struggle and I think that reaffirms in me what I love most about woodworking. In school everything needed a deeper meaning but when you’re doing your own thing you’re able to determine validity and value on your own terms. The final product speaks for itself and requires very little explanation or justification.


What are your favourite types of wood/or material to work with?

I like anything with a story. I’m not particularly interested in what’s traditional or expected, and I think it’s best when there is some form of connection between the client and the chosen material. For example, last year I built a side table for my best friend and his new wife. The inlay was wood I found at various locations that held significance throughout their relationship leading up to their marriage. There’s a certain level of richness with such stories that differentiates custom work to what can be purchased in a store.

Now, don’t get me wrong—I go weak in the knees for anything made of black walnut.

squares 2

What has the journey of entrepreneurship and creativity been like for you?

Entrepreneurship has become somewhat of a buzzword and I think people really glamorize the lifestyle that comes with owning your own company. While there’s no denying the hard work is fulfilling it’s still just that—hard work. It’s always important to come back to your initial purpose and stay grounded in that reason when things aren’t quite so fun.

In addition to Camp & City, I work as a Designer at an Architecture Firm. My skill set and knowledge has certainly helped me in both roles, but it can be difficult to find time to be creative after a long day in the office.

Creativity often comes when I have the time to devote to getting nice and sawdusty—trial and error is key.

What would you tell any aspiring woodworker if you had the chance?

Take care of your fingers. They’re your 10 best tools and there are no extras in stock.

John 1

And now…a little about you! What are some of your favourite camping spots and activities? What gets your blood rushing in the big ol’ outdoors?

I’m sure most people would expect me to name some obscure location deep in the woods but in all honesty my fondest camping memories stems from summers with my dad. My mom would always let us go on a boys weekend and each year he would let me pick our camping destination. Time after time I picked Willow Rock Campground. I always picked the site closest to the highway because I loved hearing the semis drive by. It also happened to have a huge fluorescent light—not quite as alluring as a full moon or a sky full of stars. I like to think my taste has evolved since then.

I grew up fly-fishing and I love climbing. Each provides a very different challenge and requires a lot of patience. That being said, skiing will always be my favourite activity. I love when it’s time to turn the furnace on.


Do you have any exciting adventures planned for the summer?

My girlfriend and I are headed on a surf trip down the Oregon and California coast for three weeks in September. It will be a lot of rubber boots and raincoats—I’ve never been before so I’m really excited to finally slow down and enjoy that area.

There’s a couple bucket list items which include the Redwood Forest, surfing the cold waters or oregon, climbing in Joshua Tree, and of course several stops at in-and-out burger. Fuel is key.

What will you be showcasing at the August Market Collective?

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of large custom work so I’m excited to focus on smaller projects. Expect to see serving boards, rings, mini terrarium houses, and more. After all, I need to maintain some level of mystery!


How can people contact you?

Follow me on instagram @campandcity check out my website or shoot me an email I love to chat!



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