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August 28-30 Volunteer Registration

August 2015 Volunteer Image

This August, join us for our biggest event yet! The volunteer team will have 154 people on it, and we are excited to bring everyone together for a beautiful weekend full of local love. Before the event, we will have a volunteer gathering as well.

If you are passionate about the arts, giving back to your community, and meeting new and diverse individuals, we would love to have you as a volunteer! It’s a great way to meet people and to get involved in the creative community.

Each volunteer is given a volunteer package that includes: MC gift card, Meal Card, Photobooth Voucher, Tote Bag and T-shirt.

If you would like to schedule a shift, click HERE.

Questions? Email Josh Sison:

Beer(S) @ the MC!

Market Collective is pleased to welcome some new beer pals to our upcoming events.
This weekend, we are introducing an exciting new line-up of 4 local breweries for your tasting pleasure!
Now featuring: Dandy, Tool Shed, Last Best and Village Brewery at the MC. So grab a glass, open a can, and drink up some local goodness!
dandy2The Dandy Brewing Company is Calgary’s first true Nano-Brewery. They produce British inspired ales with lots of care in very small batches. Dandy Ales are living beers, available only in 650 ml bottle-conditioned bombers and casks. This return to the true ale tradition ensures the living yeasts in the unfiltered and unpasteurized beer will continue to work with the premium malts and complex hops from the moment it is pitched in the fermenters, until it passes your lips!
Last Best Brewing & Distilling_Logo White Last Best Brewing is a community focused brewery that believes in bringing people together. They describe the beers they make as a direct reflection of the values and personalities of you – their customers and their community. Their beers are fresh and delicious because they make them in house using only the best ingredients for everything they produce.
From its inception in Graham’s back yard tool shed on a basic 5 gallon home-brew system, Tool Shed Brewing Company has always been destined for great things as Jeff and Graham bring an obsessive love for great craft beer and a high level of geekery to the craft of making it!

village logo

Village Brewery believes that some of the best things happen over beer. Ideas are born, friendships forged, and deals struck. Village Brewery began that way too, with friends sharing beers and dreams for a community brewery. A brewery that would support Calgary’s artists and craftspeople. A brewery that would create the excellent ales and lagers our friends and neighbors deserve. It takes a village to raise a beer. And a beer to raise a village.


MC Debut Artist // Crystal Bar Soap

At each Market Collective we sponsor one debut artist by giving them a free table at the MC. We do this to propel new artists in our city, and so that local creatives can use MC as a launching pad for their business.

For the July MC, we received many applications for the debut artist position. The one that really stuck out unanimously to us came from 21-year-old Katrina Wright, founder of Crystal Bar Soap. As she wrote about her work, her passion and love for creating was immediately infectious. We knew that she was an artist that we would be proud to invest in.

Read through our interview with Katrina, and come by MC this weekend to say hi to this lovely gal. She is a real inspiration.

Who makes up the team for Crystal Bar?

I am very lucky to have a very supportive team behind me. It would be impossible for me to say that it is just me behind each bar. I have a great team that helps gather supplies, such as crystals and soap supplies and others that help with festivals and shipping. It’s a collective effort that has made Crystal Bar what it is today.

IMG_9475 2You are 21, and your just quit your job to pursue your craft full time. Tell us a little about how you made that decision.

To be honest, I didn’t quit my job to pursue this craft full time. Previously I worked in retail, with a radio station and real estate job in between and I found myself very unhappy and lost. I was tired of working for other people where creativity was limited due to standards in the work place. I finally made the decision to quit my jobs and do some soul searching.

The first month was the hardest. I spent most of my days at home struggling with who I was and what I wanted to do. I felt like I made a huge mistake giving up “careers” for what might have been just a much-needed vacation. But I listened to myself and knew that I wouldn’t be happy going back to another 9-5, so I had to figure it out. I asked myself what made me happy? What do I enjoy? And what are my talents. I found that all I really wanted to do was make people happy and spread positive energy.

A friend introduced me to healing crystals and their energies, I remember speaking with her about how it had changed her life and made her world more positive and that’s where the idea kinda started. I wanted to use that energy and spread it. I did some research and found that a lot of people made crystal jewelery (beautiful, but I didn’t feel a desire to do that) so we decided to do something completely different. Crystal Soap. It was perfect! People feel best after a nice shower, they are clean and energized and I wanted to expand on that energy!

ventical update

What were some of the emotions that you had when you made the step to create full time.

When starting Crystal Bar full time it was a roller coaster of emotions. I felt motivated to started creating and crafting and happy that I was finally making something for myself and eager to spread my creations with others who were feeling the same way I did. I think my motivations behind Crystal Bar are very honest and true, and that really helped motivate me to work hard and to share love.


What were some of your inspirations to begin making soap?

I had an idea in my head and started looking up information and recipes on how to make soap. The very first bars we made were awful. It took a long time before we found something that worked! Our bars continue to get better each time we make them, and everyone we meet inspires us. A lot of our ideas come from request, most people know what stone they want and I try my best to make the soap look like the crystal inside.


How do you feel the integration of crystals helps create a more healing/cleansing experience?

I believe it creates the ultimate cleansing experience, the idea of washing yourself with a crystal and thinking positive thoughts while showering is beautiful. Not to mention the stones and soaps are beautiful themselves, it just creates a little more beauty to a simple everyday task.


What do you hope to see in the next year for Crystal Bar?

Crystal Bar has plenty of ideas, first we would love to expand our line of products, we are already working on a bath bomb recipe with infused crystals of course and maybe a body scrub or bath salt idea too. We are also working on some really fun new bars (but we might have to keep those ideas a secret for now), and lastly we would love to open our own little store. Right now we are making everything in a tiny condo and would love to find a new home for our brand.


Are you excited for MC this weekend?

YES!!! This is our first big market and we are very excited to be doing it with MC. We have been making tons of soap for this market so come say hi to us. We will be giving away free smells all weekend. We are also really happy to be joining the community of handmade local goods in yyc.


How can people get in touch with you?

We love to chat! If you wanna say something nice, ask a question, leave a comment or need some more information you can email us at or find us at

We are also on IG @crystalbarsoap, Twitter @crystalbarsoap, Tumblr Crystal Bar Soap, Pinterest Crystal Bar Soap and Facebook Crystal Bar Soap


July 2015 DIY Workshops

DIY Banner

Welcome to the July 2015 DIY Workshops!

For every workshop you will receive MC weekend admission, a limited edition MC totebag, and you get to take home everything that you create. Not only will you be leaving with your special creation, but you will also leave the class with a new skill set so that you can continue creating at home!

Registration is now open! For all inquiries, please email:

See below for a brief overview of each of the classes being offered.  ♥♥

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Rosso Coffee Roaster // Coffee Brewing Workshop

Rosso 3

Rosso 2

About Rosso: Rosso Coffee Roasters is a Calgary local company, focused on sourcing, roasting and brewing amazing coffee.  Rosso has three cafe locations in Calgary, with two more cafes opening later this year.  We are a team of dedicated and passionate professionals, continually seeking ways to refine and perfect our craft while being active in our local communities.

About the Workshop: Learn the art and craft of brewing coffee at home!  You’ll learn the fundamentals of coffee brewing and how to apply them using a Hario V60 pour over and an Aeropress.  As we explore these two brew methods we will go over tasting and evaluating the coffees and how to dial them in to taste amazing.

The Workshop Includes:

+ Each person will get a bag of coffee to use for the class
+ All equipment provided (Scales, Kettles, Filters, Brew Devices)
+ Lots of hands on time practicing making coffee with 2 instructors there to guide you step by step
+ Recipe cards you can use to get you going at home
+ MC Limited Edition Tote Bag
+ MC Weekend Admission

Date: Saturday, July 18th
Time: 2pm-4pm
Location: Chinese Cultural Centre (197 1st Street SW, Calgary)
Cost: $50

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Amy Victoria Wakefield // Photo Transfer Workshop AVW1

Amy Wakefield

About the Instructor: AV is the artist behind North Birch Grove, an original photography + home décor company.  AV lives in Canmore Alberta in the Canadian Rockies. She owns more cookbooks than cameras, has a trusty sidekick Metsä the blue heeler and believes in exploring nature all 365 days of the year.  Wondering where AV is heading to next to photograph? Visit her during the market to find out!

About the Workshop: You will be making your own set of 4 rustic baltic birch photo transfer coasters with an option for some fun text captions over top of your images if you’d like!
Each participant will be given x4 3.5×3.5” custom made blank birch squares to create their set of coasters!
You will be supplied with the needed materials to produce your coasters from start to finish. This workshop will give you the skills + knowledge needed to create your very own image transfer pieces at home!
Note: There is an option to use a fun phone iPhone app to create the text to go over your photos if you’d like.

The Workshop Includes:

+ Equipment and tools
+ Printing of your images on the proper type of paper to create the transfer
+ 4 coasters
+ MC Limited Edition Tote Bag
+ MC Weekend Admission

Date: Saturday, July 18th
Time: 11am – 1pm
Location: Chinese Cultural Centre (197 1st Street SW, Calgary)
Cost: $65

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Sled Island’s East Village Block Party

Sled Island Apply Now

We are excited to announce that we are back for the 4th annual East Village Block Party put on by Sled Island!

Please note, there are only 8 artist spots, but artists are welcome and encouraged to share their space. This is an outdoor event, and all artists are provided with a table, two chairs and a tent.

Click on the above image to Apply / Deadline to apply: June 2nd

Summer 2015! July and August MC Dates.

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Thank you! May photobooth and Event Photos.









Sometimes at the MC, we reflect on the past *almost* 7 years and wonder where the time has gone. What started as an idea between two women in their 20’s, has led us to a community, a thriving project, and opportunities for so many artists and musicians. But apart from that, we stop and think about who has been with us since the beginning. Who has seen the changes and growth first-handed? Who has been with us during those old Ant Hill days, the Roasterie coffee days, the days where Angel and Angela were stumbling and dancing through it all? LeeMetcalfWildernessBigSkyMontanaNEWEDITEnter Amy Victoria Wakefield from North Birch Grove. Since the beginning of the MC, Amy Vic has sold her work at every single market except one. We have seen her go through incredible growth in her own business, and watched as she expanded her already impressive repertoire. We applauded her as she took the plunge and quit her job to focus on her practice. Bravo Amy Vic. You’ve done a ton, and we’ve loved having you around every step of the way. Now let’s see what this fine lady is up to these days…

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetYou has a few amazing projects on the go right now. Can you tell us about North Birch Grove and Hike 365?

North Birch Grove is me (AV)! NBG allows me to share my travel and adventure stories alongside the sale of my fine art prints and signature works on wood under one place online and in person with my pop-up shops Canada wide.

TentRidgeCrewHike365 is an outdoor & wellness community that I founded with a focus on all girls hiking events to build friendships, take on new adventure challenges together and to promote a healthy lifestyle in a positive, safe and encouraging environment. We hit the trails once a month for an organized event and our social media platforms serve as a great place for girls to be inspired and connect for their own hikes and trips!


How does each business act as fulfillment in your life’s journey?

I have been blessed with the gift of photography as my life’s work and there is no better feeling than to know that with my images I am able to ignite a creative spark in others and bring beauty to their homes!

Being able to connect and share my commitment to protecting and strengthening the wild places I explore with the Hike365 community is the best! Building friendships and inspiring fellow outdoor enthusiasts to dig deeper and be informed before hitting the trails is so amazing!

IMG_1128You have been with the Market Collective since the beginning, and out of almost 7 years, have only missed one event. How does it feel to have grown alongside our organization, and what have you learned along the way?

7 years and I missed one October event for a wedding! I can’t believe how far we’ve come since the days of the Carpenter’s Union Hall! I had little knowledge when it came to running a small business when I started selling at MC and the idea of being my own boss was something I’d only dreamed of so I dove in head first!  With new friendships rich in discussion on how to turn our creativity into successful careers during those early days we figured it out somehow and I am so proud of our achievements! I’ve learned that to become the practicing full time artist I am, a supportive community holds as much merit to my successes as my own creativity and work ethic.

You went from living in a tiny studio in Kensington to moving to Canmore. How do you feel this move inspired your work and life?

Oh the Kensington studio days! Working and living in such a tiny space in an urban environment was a riot! I spend most of my free time outdoors and nature inspires me greatly in the work I create.  Moving to Canmore afforded me the ability to have a healthy work to life balance, but sometimes I have to put more weight on the work part if the weather is nice out!

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset
You travel the world for your photography, and bring those beautiful images back to the Market Collective to share with our visitors. What is it about travelling that reaches your soul?

Traveling allows me to disconnect from the workflow I am continually in and throws me into an experience that is brand new, giving me a fresh perspective on how I see the world.  This inspires me to photograph scenes and landscapes that only a short time before I may have overlooked. Being able to slow down and immerse myself in creating new imagery gets me on board that plane to exciting adventures again and again.

Untitled-1You have become a staple at the MC, and we always look forward to seeing your work. What are some new things on-the-go, and how do you find the constant inspiration to create?

With the launch of North Birch Grove last year I decided to introduce home décor items into my product line permanently.  I’ve been working on new ways to bring photography into functional items for the home, office, and creative spaces launching this fall. I love seeing my images appeal to a whole new audience with beautiful graphic design elements and on different mediums than print form or my signature glossy blocks.

IMG_6010Thanks for the conversation! How can people learn more about your projects and see what you’re up to?

I love connecting with others and posting on Instagram and Facebook. I’m always sharing new content about where I’m exploring and traveling to along with sneak peeks of my newest items! Check out my online retail shop where a lot of goods ship for free! To stay in the loop with the Hike365 community, be sure to check us out at the next market collective + and stay up to date with upcoming events via our Instagram, Facebook and Blog.



MC Youth Artist // Julia Hill

A few months ago, Crafted Artisan Truck approached the MC team, because they wanted to sponsor a youth artist for the May MC. We jumped at the idea of partnering in this sponsorship, and immediately sent out a call to youth artists. After going through all of the applications with Crafted Artisan Truck, the application that stood out to us the most came from 16 year old Julia Hill.

This May, Julia will be selling her work at the MC. Make sure to stop by her table and say hi, and read our interview with her to see where this young lady gets her talent and drive.


When did you start drawing and painting?  When was the moment where you decided that you really wanted to pursue creating and showing your work?

I’ve always dreaded this question: I never know how to reply! When have I not drawn/ painted? Was there ever a time when I didn’t hoard bits and bobs for ‘crafting purposes’? Not that I can recall. I’ve always found myself drawn to the arts. I decided to start publicly displaying my art (online, of course) in 8th grade, when my pencil portraits began to evoke praise from my peers and teachers.


Your work is beautiful and moving.  Tell us a bit about your favourite piece and the inspiration behind it.

I know this may sound cliched, however, there is never simply a sole source of inspiration for me; I’m constantly absorbing what the world has to offer. Of course, when I do see something that inspires me, I usually attempt to record it, either through photography or text, so I can draw from it at a later date.  As for a ‘favourite piece’, I don’t really believe I have one. There’s always room for improvement, and I think settling on a favourite piece can be dangerous for the creative process.

You recently had your work in the Deck the Halls show. What was it like showing your work publicly?

It was ridiculously frightening yet extremely exciting.
It’s always frightening to face the prospect of judgment, especially for something that is such a key element of one’s character as art is for me. However, as this was my first experience showing my work, I was also excited to see what kind of response I would get. The experience itself was unlike what I had anticipated. I thought I would simply plop my art on the wall and that would be that. However, when I showed up the opening night and there were – *gasp* – people! People with whom I was expected to socialize!

I’m not going to lie, at the first opening I was painfully awkward.


If your artwork could take you anywhere, where would you like it to take you?

If, somehow, my art could take me traveling around the world, that would be great! If not: I hope it will, at the very least, keep me off the streets.


How can people get connected and learn more about you?

I have a website, a facebook page, and an instagram (although my instagram is not solely focused on my art, and is more of a personal account).



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