pkanwischer_portraitThe Market Collective receives hundreds of submissions for each event, and we spend hours upon hours with the curatorial team reviewing each one. Through this process, we come across an artist like Philip Kanwischer. Talented, driven, and incredibly intriguing, Philip has been chosen as the MC’s first debut artist of our holiday season. You can see his work the weekend of November 28-30 at the Chinese Cultural Centre.

Market Collective had a chance to ask Philip some questions about his work, his process, and his life. Much like his art form, his words were thought-provoking and sincere. Thank you for being a part of the Market Collective Philip, we look forward to seeing you soon.

pkanwischer_framedTell us a bit about your work and process. What can we expect to see at the Market Collective?

My work is very diverse and so is my process. There is a great deal of reflective thought in conceiving my ideas, and a lot of my ideas come from sitting in forests. I really value competency with my materials and my craft is my finesse and technical execution that pull my ideas together. From the raw photo to the edited print, down to the hand sanded frame and custom cut mats, I am present in each step and every choice is considered. At this Market Collective I am featuring a variety of my wildlife and fine art prints with black walnut frames and hand crafted Scandinavian camp knives. My craft is something I’m very confident in.pkanwischer_perched

You speak on the element of ‘patience’, in context of your practice, as well as how you view the environment around you. How has this concept developed your personal life philosophy?

I feel like everything is instant in present day. A lot of us become uncomfortable with being patient, doing nothing, I am thankful that I have an applicable understanding of the concept of slowing down. I have matured a lot learning how to be patient. Aside from my photography this is definitely part of my personal philosophy and lends itself to how I live my life, the company I keep and my deep value and connection with nature.pkanwischer_nurture

Your relationship with nature inspires much of your work. What are some favourite ways you immerse yourself in the great outdoors?

There is nothing more satisfying than sitting in nature waiting for animals to grace me with their presence and making a connection. This is my favourite way of finding animals, going camping for weeks at a time and getting up at 5:00 before the sun rises when everything feels untouched. So much happens when you take a couple hours to just sit and listen, the mice come out and scurry around you, and you become very aware of how alive the forest is. Unfortunately this romantic notion is not always the case. There are a lot of un-fruitful trips and a fair amount of shots are a result of opportunity just from driving around at these early hours and staying alert. Patience is everything it gives me time to plan my shots and time goes so quickly when you’re doing something you love.

pkanwischer_progressYour practice contains elements of sculpture and woodworking. How does working within different mediums fulfill your creative pulse?

I think it’s limiting that many artists get pushed into a niche restricted to one medium, I think diversity is really important. I struggled with this as I majored in photography but my desire to work with my hands has never gone away. Thankfully at ACAD my professors were very supportive and gave me opportunities to continue non photographic mediums. Combining media definitely helped me take a traditionally 2d medium and elevate it to a final 3d tangible piece. As well as pursuing other woodworking, and knife making, I feel there are so many ways to combine mediums creating a new way to look at objects and ideas.pkanwischer_knives_01

You have been chosen as one of four debut artists for this upcoming Market Collective holiday series. What are you most excited about being a part of this collective and event?

I’m stoked for this opportunity and eager to see how my work functions as a business. I view this as a starting point in my creative career and I’m interested to see how the different aspects of my work are received. It’s also very cool to be surrounded by so many other local and unique artists. Being active in the art community is super important, especially as a recent ACAD graduate, and I believe MC is a big part of that community.

How can we view more of your work and process?

My website is: and my instagram handle is: @philipkanwischer




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