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Blake Ward makes beautiful clothes, and owns the local label Seed Yoga. Blake joined MC last summer at the same time that we got hit with the YYC Flood and were forced to cancel 2 events. Since that time, we have watched his business continually grow and we are proud to have him as part of the MC.

SEED YOGA is designed and made in YYC! All of their clothing is made from bamboo, hemp and merino wool, and they take pride in the fact that they source the best fabrics on the planet for ecology and comfort. They believe that these materials offer impressive benefits, not just for us wearing the clothing, but for the ecology of our planet. By using these impeccable fabrics, the result is comfort, brilliance and a nice big smile from mother earth!

We sat down with Blake Ward to chat about Seed Yoga and his goals for the future!


How did Seed Yoga come about?

I was frustrated there was no cool yoga clothing for men so I bought a sewing machine. I set up at my kitchen table and taught myself how to sew.

What were some of your initial draws to the yoga industry?

Girls. And soon I was realizing the spiritual, physical, and mental benefits of going to class. But ya, now it’s back to mostly about the girls. Ha ha jk.

What are some of the obstacles that you have faced in your entrepreneurial journey?

Money and time. I work two full time jobs with this and my other job and the streak I’m on right now is close to 40 days without a day off.

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What are you looking forward to in the future of Seed Yoga?

Our first storefront on 17th Ave. This will be our flagship store to sell our freshest gear.  We’re going to offer community sewing classes and have a yoga studio running too. Then duplicate all that in Maui, Hawaii.

How are you going to use Kickstarter to help you with your new endeavors?

We need to raise $15,000 to get our next great collection produced.  Right now we’re selling out of our stuff too fast at this scale and we need to produce bigger orders. It will cost over $15,000 for our next collection! We appreciate everybody’s support who shares our video too, and if you’d like to pledge for some wicked perks you can right here:

Where’s your favourite place to practice?

In Cochrane. The Amaryllis Yoga Studio has a good vibe in town. There’s so many good ones in the city too, a couple I really like are Bodhi Tree in Kensington and the brand new Body Centre that just opened down south.

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How can people contact you?

You can either email or message me on the Kickstarter page


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